BigBox by CloudRoute Solutions is a web-based productivity enhancement suite for online retailers, which makes managing e-commerce business seem like a breeze. Developed and deployed on Salesforce, our software can be setup within minutes for your Amazon account. Our dashboard contains following main features.

Smart Repricing

Surest way to win the BuyBox is to constantly offer most competitive price. Let our smart software calculate the optimal price for all your products and update on Amazon automatically. Easily turn on or off "auto update" mode for each product individually.

Order Management

All the orders received on Amazon are automatically entered in our order manager. Orders from other e-commerce websites and retail orders can also be easily updated into a common environment. Save thousands of human hours spent in data entry without the fear of errors.

Inventory Planning

See products from your FBA inventory along side your offline inventory, all in one place. By keeping a regular check of stocks, purchase and shipment schedules can be planned well in advance.

Customized Reports

He who has the data, rules the world. Compare your daily, weekly and monthly sales stats for various products, brands and categories. Customize your reports as per your specific needs and view it in tabular as well as graphical form.

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Orders created daily
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