Selling online in India has never been easier and lucrative than today.
In a short span, more than 30,000 people have joined the bandwagon and have successfully taken their businesses online. Many of them have done this transition very recently - some as late as 2015.
As they say, "with great power comes great responsibility" - selling online has its own set of complexities. Such as - managing growing number of SKUs & update their prices regularly.

We have designed "Prekko" keeping in mind all of these and more.
Simply put, "Prekko" is a tool that :

  • calculates lowest prices from-
    • Amazon, Flipkart & SnapDeal
    • as per your profit margins
    • for each of your products
  • sends out daily email notifications to you containing price lists in a detailed spreadsheet

Trending Price

BuyBox price from multiple marketplaces for all your products!

Recommended Price

Get rid of calculation hassles. Take decisions quickly!

Profit Margins

Not just prices, know your exact profit too!

All these at the price which costs less than a family dinner!

Products to look for!
Reports delivered!



  • 3 marketplaces
  • 1 email/day
  • 200 SKUs
  • Profit calculations

Standard ₹1250/month

  • 3 marketplaces
  • 1 email/day - 1000/SKUs or
  • 3 emails/day - 200/SKUs
  • Profit calculations

Pro ₹1499/month

  • 3 marketplaces
  • 3 emails/day
  • 1000 SKU's
  • Profit calculations

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Also, check out BigBox which automatically updates the recommended prices in your Amazon account.


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